Identify Your Ideal Reader! (LESSON 1 for Author Pub Club)

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Identify Your Ideal Reader! (LESSON 1 for Author Pub Club)


Having a written marketing plan is crucial to your book marketing success, but it won't work - it CAN'T work - unless and until you know who your reader is and where and how to find them.

This lesson will help you do exactly that, so that you can take the book marketing plan you've developed (or the plan you will develop) and apply it.

You will:

  • Answer specific questions that will get to the heart of who your ideal reader is

  • Identify your ideal reader's demographics and psychographics

  • Define the way your book is similar to and different from others of the same genre/theme

  • Identify the influencers in your genre or subject matter

  • Enumerate the places your reader spends time, both off and online

  • Create a short survey of your existing readers/clients to learn more about them and their habits

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